I’ve been studying thoroughly the selection policy over the British team to contest the World Championships in Daegu, Korea, in late August so I thought of drawing attention to some key features therein, as well as drawing up a full and complete list of qualifiers based on the UK Athletics qualification criteria.

First things first, so here is the official selection policy:


There are two essential changes in the selection procedures compared to previous seasons:
a) The qualification period has been effectively underway since October 1 and not January 1 last year for all track events, save the 10000m, and events on the infield, meaning that while performances at the Commonwealth Games fall in the counting any marks set last summer carry no weight for selection purposes.
Nevertheless, for the multi-events, marathon, walks, the relays and the 10000m as above mentioned the New Year of 2010 is considered as starting point.
b) Unlike previous seasons, there are no requirements for multiple A standards achieved to warrant selection of any athlete in an event. A single A standard is going to be enough as long as it has been obtained within the qualification period.
As concerns B standard holders, however, they will have to either i) hold at least two of them within the same period or ii) have finished in the top eight in Beijing or Berlin and claim a B standard within the qualification stretch. Moreover, only one B standard athlete can be picked in any given event.

From there on:
a) The two British reigning world champions, Phillips Idowu and Jessica Ennis, are selected by right holding an automatic wild card entry.
b) Both or any of the first two at the World Trials in Birmingham will gain selection provided they land an A standard until August 7. With regard to the marathon, also including teams for the World Marathon Cup, the qualification deadline lies on April 17.

Also note that the UKA Head Coach Charles van Commennee holds the right to discretionary selection of one or more exceptional athletes that meet the IAAF qualification criteria and are considered capable of making a top eight finish in London next summer. However, no such selection can be made at the expense of athletes that fulfil the original UKA criteria. Relay members, up to six in each event, do not have to hold A or B standards but simply be reckoned fit enough to serve the goals of the team.

                                                                              Phillips Idowu wins gold in the triple jump in Berlin in 2009

(A 10.18) Dwain Chambers 10.01, James Dasaolu 10.11, Harry Aikines-Ayreety 10.13, Marlon Devonish 10.14, Mark Lewis-Francis 10.15, Christian Malcolm 10.17
(B 10.25) Craig Pickering 10.19 (3), Danny Talbot (U23) 10.21, James Alaka (U23) 10.23, James Ellington 10.23
(A 20.60) Leon Baptiste 20.43, Harry Aikines-Ayreety 20.46, Christian Malcolm 20.52, James Ellington 20.52, Richard Kilty (U23) 20.53, Danny Talbot (U23) 20.54, James Alaka (U23) 20.59, Marlon Devonish 20.60
(B 20.70)
(A 45.25)
(B 45.70) Michael Bingham 45.42 (T8), Martyn Rooney 45.45 (T8, 3), Luke Lennon-Ford (U23) 45.56, Chris Clarke (U23) 45.61 (2), Conrad Williams 45.63, Richard Strachan 45.70 (3)
(A 1:45.40) Mike Rimmer 1:45.12, Andie Osagie 1:45.36
(B 1:46.30) Muchtar Mohammed (U23) 1:45.90
(A 3:35.00)
(B 3:38.00) James Shane 3:36.22, Andy Baddeley 3:36.47 (T8), Nick McCormick 3:37.00
(A 13:20.00) Mo Farah 12:53.11
(B 13:27.00) Tom Farrell 13:26.59
(A 27:40.00) Mo Farah 26:46.57, Chris Thompson 27:27.36
(B 28:00.00)
(Ind 2h12:00)
(Team 2h16:00) Andrew Lemoncello 2h13:40, Lee Merrien 2h14:25, Thomas Abyu 2h14:32, Ben Whitby 2h15:09, Dave Webb 2h15:42
3000m SC
(A 8:23.00)
(B 8:32.00) Luke Gunn 8:31.56
(A 13.52) Andy Turner 13.22, Will Sharman 13.47
(B 13.60) Gianni Franksi 13.57 (2), Lawrence Clarke (U23) 13.58 (2)
(A 49.40) Dai Greene 48.20, Nathan Woodward (U23) 48.71, Jack Green (U23) 48.98, Rhys Williams 49.19
(B 49.80) Niall Flannery (U23) 49.76, Richard Davenport 49.76, Thomas Phillips (U23) 49.78
High Jump
(A 2.31) Tom Parsons 2.31i/2.28
(B 2.28) Martyn Bernard 2.28, Rob Grabarz 2.28
Pole Vault
(A 5.72)
(B 5.60) Steve Lewis 5.62 (T8, 4), Max Eaves 5.61i, Luke Cutts 5.60i
Long Jump
(A 8.20) Chris Tomlinson 8.35, Greg Rutherford 8.27
(B 8.10)
Triple Jump
(A 17.20) Phillips Idowu 17.59
(B 16.85) Nathan Douglas 16.96*
Shot Put
(A 20.50)
(B 20.00)
(A 65.00) Lawrence Okoye (U23) 67.63, Brett Morse (U23) 66.06, Abdul Buhari 65.44, Carl Myerscough 65.04
(B 63.00) Chris Scott 63.00
(A 78.00)
(B 74.00) Alex Smith 74.62
(A 82.00)
(B 79.50) James Campbell 80.18
(A 8200)
(B 8000)
20km Race Walking
(A 1h22:30)
(B 1h24:00)
50km Race Walking
(A 3h58:00)
(B 4h09:00)

(A 11.29) Jeanette Kwakye 11.15, Anyika Onuora 11.18, Jodie Williams (U20) 11.18, Laura Turner 11.23
(B 11.38) Ashleigh Nelson (U23) 11.38
(A 23.00) Jodie Williams (U20) 22.94
(B 23.30) Anuika Onuora 23.06  (4), Jessica Ennis 23.11, Abi Oyepitan 23.21 (2), Joice Maduaka 23.23, Desiree Henry (U17) 23.25***, Margaret Adeyoe 23.30
(A 51.50) Lee McConnell 51.01, Shana Cox 51.24**, Perri Shakes-Drayton 51.47, Christine Ohuruogu 51.49
(B 52.30) Nicola Sanders 51.84, Marilyn Okoro 52.09, Nadine Okyere 52.26, Eilidh Child 52.28
(A 1:59.80) Jenny Meadows 1:58.60, Marilyn Okoro 1:59.53

(B 2:01.30) Emma Jackson 1:59.97 (3), Hannah England 2:00.47, Lyndsay Sharp (U23) 2:00.65, Jemma Simpson 2:00.68 (2)
(A 4:05.90) Hannah England 4:01.89, Lisa Dobriskey 4:04.76
(B 4:08.90) Steph Twell* (U23) 4:06.15, Charlene Thomas 4:06.85 (2), Helen Clitheroe 4:06.49 (2), Stacey Smith (U23) 4:06.81 (2), Jemma Simpson 4:08.49
(A 15:14.00) Helen Clitheroe 15:06.75
(B 15:25.00)
(A 31:45.00) Jo Pavey 31:51.91
(B 32:00.00)
(Ind 2h31:00) Mara Yamauchi 2h26:16, Jo Pavey 2h28:23, Louise Damen 2h29:59
(Team 2h35:00) Susan Partridge 2h34:17, Alyson Dixon 2h34:51
(A 9:43.00) Barbara Parker 9:35.46, Hattie Dean 9:37.95
(B 9:50.00) Eilish McColgan (U23) 9:44.80 (2), Lennie Waite 9:49.67
(A 12.96) Tiffany Porter 12.60, Jessica Ennis 12.79
(B 13.15) Gemma Bennett 13.08
(A 55.40) Perri Shakes-Drayton 54.62
(B 56.55) Eilidh Child 55.62 (6), Meghan Beesley (U23) 55.69 (2)
High Jump
(A 1.95)
(B 1.92)
Pole Vault
(A 4.50) Holly Bleasdale (U23) 4.70, Kate Dennison 4.61
(B 4.40)
Long Jump
(A 6.75) Shara Proctor 6.81
(B 6.65)
Triple Jump
(A 14.30)
(B 14.10) Yamile Aldama 14.20
(A 18.30)
(B 17.30)
(A 62.00)
(B 59.50) Jade Nicholls 60.76, Eden Francis 59.78 (2)
(A 71.50)
(B 69.00) Sophie Hitchon (U23) 69.59 (2)
(A 61.00) Goldie Sayers 64.46
(B 59.00) Laura Whittingham 59.95
(A 6150) Jessica Ennis 6823, Louize Hazel 6166
(B 5950)
20km Race Walking
(A 1h33:30) Jo Jackson 1h31:50
(B 1h38:00)

*missing season through injury **eligible to compete for Britain after November***Ineligible due to age****Mixed race

Brits that have finished in a top eight position in either the Beijing Olympics or Berlin World Championships:

Dwain Chambers, Christian Malcolm, Martyn Rooney, Michael Bingham, Andy Baddeley, Mo Farah, William Sharman, Dai Greene, Chris Tomlinson, Greg Rutherford, Phillips Idowu, Larry Achike, Germaine Mason, Tom Parsons, Steve Lewis, Jeanette Kwakye, Emily Freeman, Christine Ohuruogu, Jenny Meadows, Marilyn Okoro, Lisa Dobriskey, Sarah Claxton, Tasha Danvers, Shara Proctor, Kate Dennison, Jessica Ennis, Kelly Sotherton, Goldie Sayers