The British Miler, launched by New Balance at the famous Armory in New York on Thursday, is a new multi-platform initiative that tracks the build-up of seven main contenders in the battle for three places on offer on the British Olympic team in the men’s 1500m in London.

Those seven hopefuls, a rather symbolic number, are Beijing finalist Andy Baddeley, James Brewer, Ricky Stevenson, Tom Lancashire, Colin McCourt, Lee Emanuel and Nick McCormick. The three first, incidentally, get their track season underway over the mile at the New Balance Games at the very same ground tonight, joined also by Colin McCourt and Mark Draper.

Actually, Brewer described the official launch of the project as one of the most surreal nights of his life on Facebook as it also captures magical moments of the golden past from the days of Sir Roger Bannister, the man who first broke the myth of the 4 minutes over the distance, and Derek Ibbotson up to the ‘Great Three’ of the late 70s & 80s in Sebastian Coe, Steve Ovett and Steve Cram.

The official premiere on British soil is to be held on February 23 in London.

As concerns London contenders, I would also like to add the names of James Shane and Niall Brooks while there shouldn’t be ruled out a big breakthrough by the likes of Adam Cotton, Stephen Davies, Chris O’Hare and Kris Gauson.