I wish you a hopeful Christmas

I wish you a brave new year

All anguish, pain and sadness

Leave your heart and let your road be clear

I feel that this particular stanza from the well-known track “I believe in Father Christmas” (1975) by Greg Lake (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) encapsulates best what I would like to wish you all either regular followers or new visitors of Athletics Stargate, hoping that you all enjoyed a spectacular and happiest Christmas.

It has been a great experience and journey since I set up this place in late July and I am particularly pleased by the fast growing reputation and warm response met with in many quarters of the sport around.

After a much needed rest for a few days, I will start shaking things up around here so that the site is geared up and tweaked properly for an anticipated thrilling and pulsating season that peaks in the Olympic Games in London. I am really getting so excited about it!

Thankyou all and have a great New Year, Costas.