The World Anti-Doping Agency, most commonly referred to as WADA, have issued an amended list of banned substances for the coming year as the hours are ticking away into the last ten days of 2011, taking effect as of the New Year.

A main change on the current draw-up is that Formoterol is henceforth designated as an exception to the S3 Beta 2 agonist section and does no longer require a TUE (Therapeytic Use Exception) up to a limit of 36 micrograms per 24 hours. Within the British framework, UKADA guidelines allow a range of 24 through to 72 micrograms within the same spell.

Among other changes, Felypressin falls an exception under the S5 division of diuretics and other masking agents from now on, Beta-blockers are no longer disallowed in certain sports such as Sailing, Modern Pentathlon and Bobsleigh & Skeleton while Glycerol must be injected in quantities way above those commonly found in foodstuff and toiletries so that an athlete can provide a reverse analytical finding.

The full revised list of prohibited substances for the new year is as follows: