Jacko Gill’s 20.38m put with the senior implement in slow motion

Kiwi phenomenon Jacko Gill has turned equal to his promise and reputation as he delivered a stunning series of puts across different implement standards on a very busy inaugural outing into his new season in New Zealand, grabbing the Olympic A qualifying standard in style from the outset at that.

Actually, he didn’t even need to wait long as he released a mighty PB of 20.38m first time he stepped into the ring to erase his only months old previous mark of 20.01m, the farthest distance ever recorded by a youth with the senior implement (7.26kg).

For good measure, that doubled as far as even a new senior landmark for his country in what was his only third competitive fling with the standard in his very young career, while a superb warm-up effort measured at 20.75m served up extra notice of what is to come soon.

He didn’t rest on his early laurels, though, as he moved on to a junior competition (6kg) slightly later at the same venue to set a new world youth best of 22.31m worked up through an impressive string of 22.09, 22.11 and 22.27m throws, each one easily a tier apart from his former marker of 21.34m.

His next outing is scheduled for next Monday and very much everyone will be anticipating to see how much further he can go – anyone dare predict?