Jessica Ennis has let drop, much to the surprise of many, that she intends to launch into a full-scale indoor campaign peaking in the defence of her world pentathlon crown in Istanbul in March.

The world’s arguable number-one female multi-eventer was throught set to give the indoor showpiece a miss in order to fully focus on the ultimate challenge looming large on the horizon, the London Olympics, where lies the only major title missing from her awesome collection.

Nevertheless, her defeat to Russia’s Tatyana Chernova in Daegu may have felt a little bitter to settle for and urged a shake-up of plans and an earlier than anticipated head-on encounter in order to show who is still the boss around and restore normal order as a further mental boost on the way to London.

Apart from the Russian, Germany’s Jennifer Oessen, forming a habitual bronze medal backdrop to all recent major battles on the big stage, looks also likely to line up in Turkey to ensure of a near full replay of the affair in an indoor environment.

There is some concern, all the same, whether Ennis may be risking a little coming out in top gear just a few months before what could be the paramount showdown of her career but at the end of the day both herself and her coach Tony Minnichiello have shown to know their way round the ropes very well.