Charlotte Purdue, one of Mick Woods‘s wonder distance girls, has finally opted out of the European Cross Country Championships in Slovenia a fortnight from now as she has apparently failed to shake off a knee complaint troubling her during the last ten days or thereabouts.

The European U20 XC reigning champion suffered the injury while training at altitude at Iten in Kenya last week and was forced to cut short her warm-weather stint there slightly earlier than intended to urgently return back to Britain.

She was feeling confident of making the starting line fully fit in Vilenje despite missing the European Trials in Liverpool yesterday but came out earlier to post “Decided not to run the European XC this year” on Twitter, indicating that she needs to keep her eyes on the greatest picture that is the London Olympics next summer.

At the end of the day, a very sensible decision on her part as the Olympics come around only once in four years, let alone in your own backyard, while she could still go back and contend for that very same title with even higher prospects on the country in a year again.