Paula Radcliffe‘s ‘History Stands’ campaign eventually turned out not in vain. IAAF have earlier today decided to backtrack on their initial decision last September to relegate her ultimate marathon mark of 2h15:25, set in London back in 2003, to only a ‘world best’ as performed in mixed conditions and are going instead to retain it as the official world record over the distance.

As a matter of fact, that comes as part of a considerable amendment to their original latest legislation concerning women’s road racing records, aimed to appease large reactions around the globe, that still recognizes current marks regardless of set in mixed or all-female race conditions.

Still, the new rules will apply in full for female performances on the road from the new season on so it follows that only times posted in all-women competitions will be acknowledged and ratified in the future.

So more joy and a further feel-good factor boost for the former world champion who has not only turned the corner in terms of form and fortunes but have also kept her record intact. Here it is again, one of the greatest ever performances witnessed in athletics history: