Following the latest exploits of Kenyan runners on the road, it has become apparent that we are heading towards an explosion of times towards the 2h01-2h02 region and it looks as though just a matter of time before Patrick Makau‘s recent world record of 2h03:38 in Berlin makes way.

More runners are storming into the 2h03s, already two ‘legally’ with Wilson Kipsang and Geoffrey Mutai very much confirmed in New York to be potentially lying in that territory too, this year while the ease and numbers that people are ranging in the 2h05-2h06s with is frightening these days. Suffice to say that 25 individuals have covered the distance under 2h07 this season and double world champion Abel Kirui or great Gebre Gebrselassie are not among them – let alone that the Ethiopians have massively underperformed with not a single presence in that frame this season!

Of course, the raging hunt for the possession of the world record could be put on hold by some of the top contenders as the London Olympics are drawing near fast. But with only three places available on the Kenyan team some are inevitably going to miss out and could afford to turn their efforts towards this end. Gebrselassie should be excepted, though, since he needs to ensure of a qualifying next time out and London has got to be his swansong provided he makes it there.

So who is the man that is going to claim right to the world record next in your view?