Jemma Simpson has regained hope of hauling back into some form of funding for the Olympic season as her case is to be overhauled by Charles van Commennee and the relative panel, according to an e-mail of hers to BBC Radio Cornwall reveals.

The 27-year-old, a European finalist last year, was a shocking dismissal from the UK Athletics funding lists when announced last month and subsequently failed in an appeal to overturn the decision, having been dogged by injury but still returning strong to run two Olympic A qualifiers late in the season.

But it appears now that the Dutch head coach is willing and has agreed to review her case and bring it up again to the panel, which is also to be presented evidence from the athlete herself, with an alternative of a funding reprieve rating highly.

Simpson said that the overall case has nothing but toughened her up and is more determined than ever to make the Olympic final of the women’s 800m in London, expressing her gratefulness for the huge support she has received.