Mountain West Cross Country Championships – Fort Collins, Colorado, October 29

Ross Millington pulls away to a comfortable win

Ross Millington has got his season off to a flying start as  he notched a fabulous win on the snowy country at the Mountain West Championships in Fort Collins, Colorado, in what was anticipated as a cutthroat tussle to the very end in the lead-up.

By contrast, nobody responded when the European U23 5000m silver medallist made his move into the final third of the race to open a decisive gap on the field and eventually cruise home on top, leading Los Lobos (the Wolves) to a third consecutive team title in the process.

This strong start comes to underline his aspirations of the coming season, with a crack at the A standard at the back of his mind.

Ruth Senior after her race

Following suit, Ruth Senior earned the women’s top honours as she is making her way through her last collegiate season to also head her side to a fourth title on the bounce, with Natalie Grey following in fourth. Sarah Waldron, Scot Josephine Moultrie, Kirsty Milner and Imogen Ainsworth were also competing for UNM.

Elsewhere, U20 Callum Hawkins came on top for Butler University in the Horizon League, followed in second by Ross Clarke, but European U20 1500m champion Adam Cotton suffered down in just 54th for Harvard University on his collegiate debut in the Heptaganols, David Forrester came fifth in the ACC region and Tom Farrell wound up eighth for Oclahoma in the Big12.