Merwyn Luckwell, turning his 27 late next month, has come a long way from deep in the shades early season back way into international territories with a late 83.52m throw in Wrexham late last month, the farthest by a Briton in five years, and get one foot on the British team for London in the progress. Here he is in his following effort, the second, that landed at 82.92m, also comfortably over the A qualifying standard and the second best of his career to the good.

Hopefully, that will serve as a springboard to move even beyond 85m and rise as a serious contender for a top eight spot in the Olympics, as well as spur on the likes of James Campbell (PB 80.38m), the arguable British No1 at the beginning of the season, and UK champion Lee Doran (PB 78.63) to follow him through into the team and new regions.

Talking of London, a man that is apparently also making plans to stake a claim of his own is Roald Bradstock, a top eight finisher in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, who will have turned his 50 years of age a little after the qualification period starts off. A brief former world record holder with the new specification, the US-based veteran closed out the season at a fabulous 74.73m and it’s going to be some story if he makes it into the British team!