Dylan Arm-strong, sometimes names aren’t so coincidental, has wrapped up easily his best ever season in the ring to winning ways as he sneaked victory over Olympic champion Tomasz Majewski (POL) by a mere 3cm in Warsaw on Tuesday, registering 88.67 to 88.64m respectively after surviving a late onslaught by the Pole.

On most likely double-checking these figures, they are no typos whatsoever but the actual distances attained by the heavyweights, former world champion Christian Cantwell (USA) not far off behind in third with 87.24m. Nor had the contenders grown into any mythical cyclops or giants of the long past to toy with the iron-cast implements like baseballs.

Actually, that was a way-out shot competition laid on for the occasion that incorporated some special features as eight rounds rather than the conventional six were available to the throwers. But it was getting more complicated from there on. Each couple of rounds were taken with an implement of different weight, moving top-down from the overweight 8kgr through the standard senior 7.26, the U20 standard 6 and finally 5kgr. And there was more to that as only the best put with each weight counted towards a total that eventually determined the final placings of competitors.

It was Cantwell that emerged top of the first couple of rounds (8kgr) with a mighty 20.27m to the Canadian’s 20.03m and Majewski’s 19.75m, extending his lead through a 21.42m with the standard senior shot to 41.69m in all. Armstrong got a best of 21.23m to follow in second with 41.26m and Majewski mustered 20.86m for third at 40.51m.

For all his ascendancy with the heavier standards, the American giant slightly faltered as the weights lowered to return only 22.71m (total 64.40m) compared to the Canadian’s 23.26m (total 64.52) to creep ahead and the Pole’s 23.15m (63.66) with the U20 implement (6kgr).

The final two rounds (5kgr) saw Armstrong reach 24.15m in his last effort to seemingly place the spoils beyond reach as Cantwell slipped to just 22.81m, light weights turning out not his specialty. Yet, that was to prove barely enough moments later as Majewski stepped into the ring to unleash a monster of 24.88m in the very last attempt of the contest and almost steal an unlikely win. But there was still 3cm left to spare between them and the world bronze medalist could breathe a big sigh of relief at the end.


Montell Douglas ended off her own season on a pleasant note as she got another late lower-key international win under her belt in 11.52 ahead of season revelation Anyika Onuora (11.57) for a British one-two in the women’s 100m (0.8m/sec), a confidence boost and a glimmer of hope as the UK record holder is endeavouring to recapture her form of old. Never-die great Merlene Ottey was fourth in a SB of 11.84 secs as she plans to bid for one more appearance in an Olympic Games next summer having turned an astonishing 51!

Montell Douglas wins the women’s 100m ahead of Anyika Onuora and living legend Merlene Ottey

The Polish head-to-head in the men’s 800m never really happened as Adam Kszczot walked away with the win by a huge margin of precisely four seconds in 1:45.48 on runner-up Marcin Lewandowski, the European champion, who set an uncharacteristic 1:49.48.

Global champion Tatyana Lysenko maintained a solid hold on procedures through the women’s hammer to convincingly hold off former world record holder and home favourite Anita Wlodarczyk with 72.19 to 71.02m, bolstering up a sound run of displays in her comeback season to the top, while Olympic champion Gerd Kanter (EST) showed that he is always a force to reckon with as he carved out a very late fifth-round SB of 67.99m to move fifth in the global lists and overtake the top marker thereof Zoltan Kovago (HUN), second at 66.69m.

European champion Piotr Malachowski (POL) remained relatively quiet to come fourth at 63.93m way behind the two.