World heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis has swept over the hurdles to a new lifetime best of 12.79 secs (1.5m/sec) a little earlier on at the LEAP at Loughborough to stress further her credentials as she is applying the finishing touches to her preparations in view of the defence of her titile in Daegu. That represented an improvement of 0.02 secs on her previous best of 12.81 secs set two years ago at Bolltrop (Germany), amazingly enough on an identical 1.5m/sec tailwind as if to provide a balanced measure of comparison, and was narrowly inside what was the UK record at the start of the season at 12.80 secs by Angie Thorp to sneak back to No2 in the all-time lists in Britain.

She didn’t have things all her own way, however, as European silver medalist Derval O’Rourke fought with her stride for stride to come a close runner-up in 12.87 secs, slightly shy of her SB of 12.84 set at Chaux-des-Fonds. Neither competed in the final later on where former European Indoor finalist Sarah McGreavy romped to a comfortable win in 13.53 (1.2m/sec) but a lot more attention may have been on precocious U17 second-placed Yasmin Miller, who shattered her PB into a swift 13.90 secs for a first ever clocking under 14 secs.

Hence, the all-time Top 10 of the event shapes up as follows:

1.Tiffany Offili-Porter 12.60 (2011)

2.Jessica Ennis 12.79 (2011)

3.Angela Thorp 12.80 (1996)

4.Sarah Claxton 12.81 (2008)

5.Sally Gunnell 12.82 (1988)

6.Shirley Strong 12.87 (1983)

7.Jackie Agyepong 12.90 (1995)

8.Kay Morley-Brown 12.91 (1991)

9.Dianne Allahgreen 12.92 (2002)

10.Kerri Maddox 12.95 (1999)

European U20 runner-up Andy Pozzi set a massive PB of 13.73 secs (1.5m/sec) in taking third in the 110m hurdles, plus a windy 13.66 (2.3m/sec) in the heats, to haul up into fourth fastest ever British U20 hurdler over the senior sticks behind, watch out those names, Colin Jackson (13.44), Jon Ridgeon (13.46) and Tony Jarrett (13.72) – hardly any shame to lie behind such a line of legends!

William Sharman showed a return to form as he won the race in a big SB of 13.47 secs, having also set a windy 13.57 (2.6m/sec) in the heats, to move second behind Andy Turner in the UK lists while Julian Adeniran was third by the narrowest of margins behind Pozzi in a PB of his own in 13.74 secs.

The respective TOP5 all-time has as follows:

1.Colin Jackson 13.44 (ER, 1986)

2.Jon Ridgeon 13.46 (1985)

3.Tony Jarrett 13.72 (1987)

4.Andy Pozzi 13.73 (2011)

5.Chris Baillie 13.84 (2000)